Fam Trip Beijing 2017 was extraordinary in many ways. In 2017 DERToursitik, within which Dertour Serbia operates, celebrated 100 years since its foundation. The same year Lufthansa marked 50 years since it entered the regional market. To mark the double anniversary, Dertour and Lufthansa organized a never before seen experience. This journey was a blend of tradition and innovation, which has always characterized both companies. When choosing a destination that will reflect this in the best way, China was a logical choice.

Many authentic experiences awaited more than 40 travel professionals from Belgrade and Zagreb. The agents had a chance to explore firsthand the beauties of the Far East, such as  Tienanmen Square, at the Forbidden City, and the traditional „hutong“ districts. During this “jubilee” trip, we have visited the most famous human-made structure in the world – the Great Wall of China. Unforgettable moments defined our adventure in China, from connecting with locals to exploring the magnificence of Bejing. Of course, we had to spice up the journey with China’s unique flavors of “Beijing duck” and bamboo rice.